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• Corporate & Brand Identity
• Brand Packaging
• Marketing & Sales Collateral
• Web Site & Social Media
• Tech. & Creative Copy Writing
• Sales & Marketing Strategy
• Advertising: Print & Broadcast
• Direct Mail Campaigns
• Photography & Digital Imaging
• Illustration

Communication by Design.

Effective communication occurs when a desired effect is the result of intentional information sharing, which is interpreted between multiple entities and acted on in a desired, and similar way. This is where we shine.

We have heard it time and time again—we just get it! We take the time to visit our clients' operations, to understand their business and their target audience. We listen and learn and distill what we've come to understand into a clear, concise marketing initiative—understanding we've got just a moment to capture the viewer's attention and imagination, both verbally AND viscerally.

Jonathan M. Westfall: President & Chief Creative Officer

A seasoned professional with 23 years in the communications industry, and the founder of Westword Creative, Jon has the experience and the expertise to handle entire creative campaigns effectively and efficiently—from the strategic planning to a successful conclusion. His work has been the muscle behind new product launches for the Fortune 500 companies of the world, as well as those with a more modest, regional footprint. His creative talents have been pitted against the "Big Dogs" of the industry, on both coasts, and his common sense approach to branding and design has been consistently selected from among the very best. His experience reaches across such vertical industries as food and beverage, cosmetics, finance, health care, fitness, fashion, office products, home products, consumer electronics, education, and technology—just to name a few. Throughout his professional career, he has assisted global companies such as Rubbermaid Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, Mobil, Xerox Corporation, Constellation Brands and Bausch & Lomb in taking their brands to market.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, his formal training is in the area of Graphic Design, but as polymaths often will, he delves into several disciplines including; illustration, technical & creative writing, photography and the fine art of new business development. A powerful and persuasive public speaker, his passion is both contagious and inspiring. As a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades", his hobbies are widely varied, but almost all are nature-centric. Jon's interest in the "greener" side of life began in high school while he served as President of the Environmental Club where he directed a student work-force charged with the cleaning and greening of the entire school grounds.

Now a devoted father of 4 kids, his interest in the environment is renewed by a desire to leave a better world for his children in the pursuit of a higher purpose. "We are a tightly-knit family who really enjoy all that this life has to offer." In their free time, you will likely find them out running with the family dog, biking, kayaking, camping, fishing, trail riding or simply hiking in the woods around their home. "Part of our responsibility as global citizens is being vigilant care-takers of this amazing planet we've been blessed with."

Volunteering and activism are at the core of their family values and is reflected in their daily lives. "Recycling is more than repurposing raw materials; it's also about giving back what has been given to us by our God-given talents and our good fortune." Jon regularly demonstrates this dedication by donating his time and talents to youth groups, not-for-profit organizations and children's charitable organizations each year. A dedicated (marathon) runner, student of the “sweet science” of boxing and Tai Chi, a “fitness nut” and Russian kettlebell training enthusiast—he also strives to inspire healthy lifestyle choices in those around him.

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